(Turkish - English)

clear eyed; ingenious; quick witted; sagacious; sharp witted; apt; intelligent; acute; astute; brain; bright; clever; incisive; keen; knowledge; longheaded; luminous; neat; nimble; penetrating; quickwitted; sense; sharpwitted; shrewd; wideawake; as fresh as paint; brainy; brilliant; discerning; intellectual; keen-witted; nifty; nimble-witted; penetrative; perceptional; perspicacious; quick of comprehension; quick on the trigger; quick-witted; sapient; sharp-witted; smart; sparkling; spiritual; subtile; subtle; understanding


(Turkish - Russian)

острый; умный; находчивый; ясно дальновидным; умная; оригинальный; мудрым; резкое находчивый; умными

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